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• We specialize in the field of media and provide all means of consulting, where we create plans Dedicated to successfully increasing your visibility.

• We make sure that your brand identity stands out among the noise in the digital space through Leverage cutting-edge technology and creative strategies.

• Your story is brought to life with honesty and imagination with Protage, to dazzle viewers wherever they are.

Our Services

The Most Important Services We Provide

Content Creation

 • Research and write articles or blog posts on         trending topics within the industry.
• Develop multimedia content such as podcasts or   infographics to engage the audience.
• Social media management for media channels,   content distribution and promotion Effective way.


Advertising Campaign

• Conduct market research to determine target audience and consumer preferences.
• Designing creative concepts and visuals for advertising campaigns.
• Monitor and analyze campaign performance.
• Establish metrics to improve success.

Media Consulting

• Conduct comprehensive client audits.
• Developing current media strategies and platforms.
• Develop customized media plans to help clients reach their audiences
More targeted and effective.
• Provide ongoing guidance and customer support on emerging and best trends
Practices in the media.

Trade Mark

• Conduct brand audits to evaluate the current brand.
• Perception and positioning.
• Develop brand and identity elements such as logos, color schemes, and typography.
• Implement brand guidelines across various platforms and touchpoints.

Design The Complete Artwork

• Visualize and draw the initial design
• Create digital or traditional works of art using appropriate tools and techniques.
• Collaborate with clients or team members in order to improve designs and development
Final touches based on comments.

Complete Website Development

• Requirements gathering and planning.
• Design and wireframe.
• Development and coding.
• Content creation and integration.
• Testing and quality assurance.
• Deployment and maintenance.

Google Management

• Performance tracking and analysis.
• Strategic planning and decision making.
• Communicate with and engage stakeholders.
• Resource allocation and optimization.

Social Media Account Management

• Content creation and organization, and audience participation and interaction.
• Performance tracking, analysis, campaign planning and implementation.
• Community management, moderation, brand monitoring and reputation management


Advertising Management

• Determine the target audience.
• Design and develop creative advertisements.
• Preparing and improving the campaign, monitoring performance and preparing reports

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